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The Island of Rügen

Leuchtturm Leuchtturm

Rügen - this is the largest and perhaps most beautiful island in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the northernmost district of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, covering an area of around 1,000 square kilometers. The island is inhabited by over 74,000 so-called "Rüganer". With its diversity of landscapes, from flat coastal lagoons, steep chalk cliffs, deep forests of beech trees, grass-covered hills, flat swathes of land soft rolling ridges of hills, the island offers everything.

One of the most beautiful parts of Germany's largest island is the peninsula Mönchgut. Because of its unique natural diversity, poets, philosophers and politicians spent the loveliest days in the year here already in the Imperial Era. Because one can „bear up well" behind the Mönchgraben, as the saying goes.

This bizarre and uniquely beautiful scenery has often been described - and it is high time that you discovered the peninsula Mönchgut in the Southeast of the Island of Rügen yourself! Experience the villages and Baltic Sea resorts as a story behind which their own true history lies. The Baltic Sea resorts of Baabe, Göhren and Thiessow as well as the officially recognized resorts Gager and Middelhagen are waiting for your visit.

Kreideküste auf Rügen Kreideküste auf Rügen

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