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With us, you have the sea at your feet!
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Tracking down Rügen's natural beauty

Hiking in Rügen's southeasterly biosphere reserve - a hiker's paradise

Rügen's true paradise - southeast Rügen and the biosphere reserve.

Away from the hustle and bustle!
A unique, signposted network of hiking trails.

You'll be staying in the Baltic Sea Resort of Göhren, in the middle of the biosphere reserve, where we offer you comfortable rooms, some with a view of the sea incl. pool and sauna.

The biosphere reserve of southeast Rügen is a cultivated landscape of impressive natural beauty. The spectacular landscape of the Rügen coastal area is strongly influenced by the close interaction of land and sea. Broad sandy beaches alternate with craggy cliffs. Discover this uniqueness in your extended walks.

Göhren is an ideal point of departure for excursions, whether with the narrow-gauge railway, by ship or by bus along the seaside coast.

Hiking tours around Göhren:

  • Göhren Museum
  • Hiking around the Nordperd
  • Hiking through the Baabe Heather
  • Hikes to Klein-Zicker
  • Hikes along the Baltic Sea beaches to Lobbe

Hiking tours on Rügen:

  • Hiking over the Zicker Berge hills
  • Hiking along the coastal cliffs from Sassnitz to Königsstuhl
  • Hiking through the Granitz to Binz
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