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Bicycle Tours

In the near vicinity of Göhren and in the southeast of the Island of Rügen the bicycle paths are very well developed. You can start out on your bicycle in a different direction every day and discover and experience the all of the magnificent beauty of this sweep of the island.

Cycle in the direction of Middelhagen, Thiessow and Gager, for the most part along the water. Through the coastal forest you can reach the villages on the peninsula of Mönchgut. If you stop to take a break, in many places it's only a few meters to the Baltic Sea.

A further ride will take you in the direction of Baabe, Sellin, through the Granitz forest to Binz. In Baabe, for instance, you can experience Germany's smallest ferry. The ferryman Strandmann will take you from A to B between Baabe and Moritzdorf in his rowing ferry.

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