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With us, you have the sea at your feet!
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Groups are our forté

The key to conviviality, relaxation and fun

We'd like to do more than just satisfy you,
we want to delight you.
Kostenfreie Busparkplätze direkt am Hotel Kostenfreie Busparkplätze direkt am Hotel

Whether it's tour groups, coach tours, clubs or tour operators, everyone is in the very best of hands at the AKZENT Waldhotel on Rügen.

Whether you book as a private tour group or a commercial group tour operator, the AKZENT Waldhotel on Rügen has or offers you special arrangements.

Have you already thought about your next travel plans? We'd like to help you plan.

Cheap at all costs? No!
By all means value for money? Yes!

You have every right to compare offers.

In fact, you should do so. When you compare, compare not only the prices, but the service.
The hotel facilities, features, surroundings, additional services which are all included here.
That's better than costly surprises when travelling.

If you're looking for quality at affordable prices, then you're at the right place with us in the AKZENT Waldhotel on Rügen.

Call us, we're ever for you here.

We do more than just satisfy our guests - we delight them. How? By cordiality, motivation and a large portion of passion for what we do.

Senior citizens are very welcome

Holidays are fun no matter your age!
For this reason we'd of course like to greet senior citizens in our hotel as well with perfect cordiality.

Let our staff give you the best tips for a stay suitable for senior citizens. We have offers appropriate for the elderly and for guests with handicaps and are glad to help with our knowledge and expertise.

Age should not be a reason not to experience an eventful and fulfilling holiday on Germany's largest and most beautiful island. The Akzent Waldhotel Göhren is already awaiting you.


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