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Spa and Health Offers

Kur- und Gesundheitsangebote Kur- und Gesundheitsangebote
Our modern spa and health resort is available for every guest to use. It enables you to book not only a stay in our hotel but also health and wellness. The spa and health resort is a therapeutic facility for rehabilitation and disease prevention. Rehabilitation spas, Kneipp spas as well as open spa therapies and prescribed therapies are carried out. The Spa Center ist acknowledged by all of the German medical insurances and is entitled to benefits. Submit an informal application for an ambulatory spa therapy to your medical insurance or simply bring your prescription from your family doctor. Of course we offer the entire range of services on the basis of private therapies as well.

Almost everything for your well-being and your health is on offer over an area of around 800m². Fun, high spirits, events and variety aplenty are in store in our pool for everyone who likes being in the water. A sauna is also included.

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