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The true paradise on Rügen...

Göhren and Mönchgut

is to be found in Göhren and Mönchgut.said Johann Jacob Grümbke, Rügen's best known local historian. This is where the Baltic Sea Resort Göhren lies on the picturesque peninsula of Mönchgut in the southeasterly part of the Island of Rügen. The Mönchgraben in the neighbouring Baltic Sea Resort of Baabe marks the geographical division from the rest of the island. The Mönchgut is in the biosphere reserve of Southeast Rügen, one of only 400 or so of these reserves worldwide.

Only 200 meters to the fine white sandy beach of the Baltic Sea Resort of Göhren. You can get to the beach comfortably on foot, only 3 minutes walk from the Waldhotel.

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